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Reformatting a RockAIR SD Card

At times, we would recommend you to perform an SD Card reformat and install the latest firmware through this method to allow the files installed manually through the card and resolve any potential issue you may be facing.

The SD card slot can be accessed by removing the protective rubber sleeve of the RockAIR. On the left side, you will find the slot.

You can simply push the SD card in slightly with your finger which will trigger the unlocking mechanism which then pushes the card out.

  • Connect the micro SD card to a PC using an SD Card reader.
  • Format the SD card and select FAT32.
  • Download the file at the bottom of this page (GRIFFIN1.bin), and copy them onto the SD card.
  • Reinsert the SD Card into the RockAIR. The metal part must be facing upwards and the cutout corner needs to go in first.
  • Put back the protective rubber sleeve.
  • Turn on the unit, Both the power and Bluetooth LEDs will flash to indicate the firmware is being updated. 
  • All six LEDs will then flash as the device restarts with the new firmware and the BLUE led light will solely flash slowly. Please wait for about 10mins until the device restarts again and shows you normal LED lights.
  • Once you see the steady green light the device is ready for normal use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the blue light is flashing by itself please wait for about 10mins (until the device has steady green light)

If the blue LED flashes with a green light after the upgrade, the RockAIR has entered a self-test mode and will require a soft reset (hold down the power button for ~12 seconds) to continue operation.

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