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Adjusting your Tracking Rates on your RockSTAR

Report Frequency

Using this menu option the frequency of automatic position reporting can be viewed and set. Options range from ‘Continuous’ which will obtain and send reports as quickly as possible, to 12-hours, allowing for 2 automatic reports per day. 

This messages will be acquired by the device and sent when there is a satellite connect, so there may be delays on sending these messages if there is no connection.

Adjusting the Tracking Rate

To review or change the tracking rate for the device, press OK to open the Main menu.

Use the arrows to navigate to the Tracking menu and press OK. 

Use the down arrow to go down to Report Freq and press OK.

Use the arrows to find the desired rate and select OK to select.

Burst Mode

Burst mode allows the RockSTAR to collect many GPS reports, in order to get more accurate tracking information, but to send them as a batch in order to keep airtime costs down. For example, the RockSTAR can collect a GPS fix every 5 minutes, and then transmit those positions every 15 minutes.

To set burst mode, in the Report Frequency you need to choose Burst. Then, in the Burst Settings menu you can choose how often you wish to take a fix (Burst fix) and how often you wish to transmit (Burst transmit).

Note: This mode will use power more quickly than other tracking modes, since GPS is kept on all of the time.

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