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Using Forms in TP Connect

You can send Forms using your compatible TracPlus tracking device and TP Connect for iOS. This allows the transmission of specific, structured messages, sent using your devices cellular or satellite data capabilities from anywhere. These Forms are then be visible in TracPlus Pro 3.

This User Guide is specifically around using Forms with TP Connect.


Accessing Forms in TP Connect


Tap on the Forms Icon on the Menu bar, along the bottom, on the right.

First Time Use 

Forms - First Time

On using forms for the first time, you will need to tap on the 'Wrench' icon at the top right.This will give you three options, 'Add / Update Forms,' Configure Well Know Fields,' and 'Cancel.' If you you select Cancel' you will be returned to the previous screen. In first use, to continue and use the Forms, you will need to select one of the other two options.

Add Forms

'Add / Update Forms'  to select which forms will be used. Tap on the 'Form Names' from the list of forms to choose the ones that are to be used. The next time that you go back into 'Forms' these specific forms will be available. To add other forms, tap on the 'Wrench' icon and 'Add / Update Forms' to select other forms to use.

See below for 'Configure Well Known Fields' about adding commonly used data on the forms that you have selected.

On-Going Use

New Forms List

When entering Forms after the first time use, the list presented is the list of forms that had been previously selected. If you want to add to this list select the 'Wrench' at the top right. The list of available Forms will be the remaining available Forms that have not been previously selected.

Removing a Form from your List

To remove a form from the list of Forms that are being used, press on the Form Name and swipe to the left, then tap the red 'Delete' button. This places the particular form back into the list of unused Forms.

What Forms are Available?

Available Forms

How to Configure Well Known Fields

To set the details for fields that are used more often, tap on the 'Wrench' and select 'Configure Well Known Fields.

On first use, if no forms have been selected,  all the fields are indicated as 'Not Used.'  First add the Forms that you want to use.

Fields on available forms

Once a form has been chosen; in the 'Configuring Well Known Fields' it is now possible to see which fields are being used on the forms that you have selected and those that are not being used.

Preset fields

To enter details into a field tap on the text box below the field that you want to enter details for. It is possible to update a field at anytime, or to clear the field. Once the data has been entered tap on the word 'Done' at the bottom right to save the information for that field. 

How to use Forms

In the following example; the 'Sign In,' Departure' and 'Arrival' forms are used.

Menu Icons

In TP Connect tap on the Forms Icon at the bottom right of the main page.


Tap on the Form that you want to use and enter the relevant data.

Sign In

The 'Sign In' form opens with the fields that have previously been configured with the data already available. Check the data and update if incorrect. When ready to send tap the 'Sign In' at the top right to send the form details.

Form Examples

The other two forms will look like this.

Seeing forms in TracPlus Pro


In the Watchlist, in TracPlus Pro the forms will show up with the text icon. Right click on the icon and select 'Properties' to open the forms. The following are examples of how these forms will look in TracPlus Pro.

Sign In



All Forms

The following are all the current available forms and how they will appear in TP Connect and what is displayed in TracPlus Pro.

Specific Fire Fighting Forms

FW Drop

RW Fill

RW Drop

Other Forms

Sign In

Flight Manifest

Passenger Manifest


Ops Normal


Sign Out




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