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How to share SpiderTracks tracking/reports with TracPlus

If you have an existing SpiderTracks device, you can allow sharing and access to your tracking data to TracPlus; either through your own TracPlus account, enabling you to view and report on tracking information; or via a Third Party Feed to TracPlus, for contractual or regulatory organisation requirements, such as NAFC/AFAMS. 

Once enabled, TracPlus servers will pull your tracking data from your device by polling the SpiderTracks servers every minute. The data polling will be impacted by the reporting frequency you have from SpiderTracks - i.e. If you are sending tracking signals via satellite data every 30 seconds from your device and the signals are delayed, there may not be any data from a polling request for TracPlus to receive. When the data is available, our system will process the information from the request following the data being available.

You can find more information on third party devices here.

Bonuses of an account with TracPlus

Whether you specifically use our software to view the data or just utilise our ability to send your data to another party, you will require an account with TracPlus. You will get to decide if you want a full account access. The bonuses of having a full account with TracPlus include:

  • Viewing mission data and access to reporting.

  • Ability to combine information from multiple devices into a combined view.

  • Full control of your sharing with all other agencies via a gateway - i.e. you can turn on/off NAFC access when not required.

Getting up and running in TracPlus with third-party devices is a three step process:

  1. Enable sharing with your device

  2. Sending us device and sharing details

  3. Final setup on your end

Enable tracking with your device

The first step is to enable sharing from your SpiderTracks account to TracPlus or NAFC. This will open a secure gateway for us to receive your data from SpiderTracks' servers.

Login to your account in SpiderTracks:  https://go.spidertracks.com 

Follow the detailed instructions found here: https://support.spidertracks.com/knowledge/i-need-to-set-up-automated-flight-following-aff-/-api

Select Organisation Settings in the bottom left corner. 

Click Manage to edit the settings.

Select Aircraft Settings and locate the aircraft and device attached you would like to enable sharing for. Copy the Spider Serial and Spider IMEI. These will need to be sent to TracPlus to associate your data with your account.

Click AFF/API and select your aircraft. From the dropdown enable the sharing option you want to use e.g.:

  • International: TracPlus Global Ltd

    • Recommended

    • Enables control of sharing and reporting times

    • Full access to TracPlus functionality

  •  Australia: NAFC (1 - 2 minute position reporting interval) 

    • Limited access to sharing data

    • May restrict the ability to control the timing of reporting

Click Save and the setup from your SpiderTracks account is done.

Setting up with TracPlus

While TracPlus is now receiving your data in, you will need to send us your details so that we know what you want us to do with your data; whether to create a new account (full or Third Party Feed) or associate with an existing account.

We have some basic information we require for with option to enable us to setup the data:

  • Aircraft Details

  • Registration/Asset Name

  • Make

  • Model

  • Spidertracks Serial

  • Spidertracks IMEI

  • Who you need to share with

A full guide on account creation, including our Account Form, can be found here.

Final setup on your end

If you are new to our TracPlus software, we have a handy Getting Started guide located here, which will guide you through installing and getting up and tracking with TracPlus.

Check with required agencies if they are receiving data. If you don't have create a full access account, you will need to inform TracPlus anytime you will like to turn the sharing via the Third Party Feed on or off. You will have full control of this process if you are using a TracPlus account. 

NEXT: Creating your TracPlus Account

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