Just in case you want to know what Spider users have to do to share their Spider data to us.

Here is what we need to get the Spidertracks data into TracPlus. 

Aircraft Details:




Spidertracks Serial: 

Spidertracks IMEI:

Also the aircraft owner will need to enable the data sharing from Spidertracks to TracPlus. This is fairly easy on the Spidertracks webtracking portal. 

1. Login here:  https://go.spidertracks.com 

2. Click the "Organisation Settings" button in the bottom left corner. 


3. Click "Manage"


4. Click "Aircraft Settings", you will find the aircraft and the Spider attached to it. This is where you will find the Spider Serial and Spider IMEI. Please send these through to me.


5.  Lastly click "AFF/API". Select your aircraft, select "International: TracPlus Global Ltd" and click "Save". 


All done, now any new data from that Spider will be forwarded to TracPlus as well. We cannot receive and display this data until we have the Spider Serial and IMEI numbers please?