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TracPlus for Android

TracPlus for Android is available on the Google Play Store as a free download and available by clicking the following link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tracplus.android.

On installation, it will ask for your TracPlus Username and Password.

If you need to enter or update the Connection URL, tap on ‘Connection Settings’ at the bottom of the logon screen, the make sure the URL is:  nexus.theseus.tracplus.com/clientrouting.asmx   

If this is your first time logging in then please provide TracPlus app with the permission it requires.

Once you are logged in you will view all your assets on Map and underneath a list of organisations and their assets you have access to.


If you need to logon with a different Usercode, you can go to the ‘Settings’ screen and tap on ‘Log Out.’ You will see the logon screen again, enabling you to use a different Usercode or to enable logging back in under the original usercode.

Map Settings

Tap on ‘Map Displayed Mode’ to change the map that is viewed. There are 3 map types; ‘Standard’, ‘Hybrid’ and ‘Satellite’.

Units Displayed

This is where you can set how the tracking data will be displayed on the map and in the message details. You will need to tap on each item individually to set the data format.

  • Speed: Select by ticking one of the options; ‘Knots,’ ‘Kilometres,’ ‘Miles per Hour’ or ‘Metres per Second.’
  • Altitude: Select by ticking one of the options; ‘Feet,’ ‘Metres,’ ‘Kilometres,’ ‘Miles’ or ‘Nautical Miles.’
  • Location Display: Select by ticking one of the position formats; ‘Degrees Decimal,’ ‘Degrees Minutes,’ ‘Signed Decimal’ or ‘Signed Degrees.’
  • Time: Time is either set to ‘UTC’ or ‘Local Time format’ - local time is taken from your smartphone’s time settings.


Assets can be shown in the watchlist as either arranged by ‘Organization by Activity ‘or by ‘Assets by Activity.’

These setting will persist to the next time that you use the TracPlus App.


Tap the Calendar Icon to display the calendar.

Tap a specific date on the calendar to view tracking data for that date. Tap the direction arrows at the top left or right to navigate between the Months.

Tapping a date will show tracking data for that date.

Set the tick box to see all recent activity.

Tap the device's back button to return to the previous screen.


Tap on the trails icon to open the trails sub-menu. Tap either ‘All Trails On’ or ‘All Trails Off.’ This will display or remove the tracking trail from the map. If you wish to only see the tracking for one asset you can select ‘All Trails Off’ then, select the specific asset, go into ‘Asset Options’ and turn ‘Trails On’ for the specific asset.

Auto Centered

Tap on the ‘Auto-Centered’ icon on the top toolbar. There are two options shown. Tap on either the ‘Auto-Centered On’ or the ‘Auto-Centered Off’ to turn the centring function on or off. 

If Auto-Centered is on and you are viewing the track data for an asset on the map, then the map will automatically move to remain centred on this asset as the tracking reports are updated.


The horizontal bar, the Up and Down arrows, below the map on your TracPlus home page can be moved up or down to reveal or hide your asset details and watchlist. If you want to only view the map, drag the blue bar to the bottom of your screen, or drag to the top of the screen to view asset details.

Tapping on the asset name will open up the tracking messages for that asset. You can drag the asset name bar up to see more of the tracking report list or down to see more of the map.

Additional Features - Asset Options

The ‘Asset Options’ button on the Menu bar will be enabled if you have an asset selected from the watchlist, or disabled and light grey in colour if an asset is not selected.

When you have an asset selected, tap ‘Asset Options.’

Asset Trail

Slide to the right for ‘On’ or to the left for ‘Off’ for the visibility of the asset’s tracking trail on the map.

Available Tools

These may only be available for specific device types or Usercodes; if this feature is available the text will be in bold.

Send Message

Tap ‘Send Message,’ then tap in the blank text box to enable your keypad. 

Type the message in the box and press ‘Send.’  TracPlus does not display the messages that are sent to the device, these will only appear on that device.

Select ‘Back’ to return to the Asset Options screen.

Change the Reporting Rate

Tap ‘Change Device Settings.’ Then tap ‘Normal Reporting Rate,’ to set the standard reporting rate for when the asset is powered on/moving.

Tap ‘Slow Reporting Rate’ to set the reporting rate while an asset is stationary and not moving. This is not available on all devices.

Tap on ‘Distress Reporting Rate,’ which is for the emergency reporting rate when the device has been placed into distress mode. TracPlus recommends this is set to, or remains at, the configured 1-minute interval.

Scroll through the list to select or tap to select the rate required then tap ‘Configure.’ The time between the two lines is what will be chosen and sent to the device to change its settings.

To review what the current reporting rate is for your device, or to review if a change to the rate has taken effect – you will need to continue to monitor the latest reports from the unit, and then check the interval between them.

  • Charges will apply for sending text messages or changing reporting rates.
  • There are maximum message size restrictions.
  • The Usercode must have adequate permission to send messages to the device.
  • The device must be powered on with a good view of the sky at the time for messages to be received.
  • Additional features are only available for specific device types and only available to some TracPlus usercodes.


TracPlus for Android uses Here Maps; to zoom in or out and move the map, either pinch or swipe the map. You can also double-tap the map to zoom in. You can tilt the map by placing two fingers onto the map and then moving both together, up or down, to tilt the map up or down.

Tracking Report Messages

Each tracking report message has an icon indicating what type of message has been received from the device. Not all devices are able to send the full range of messages that are available. Each report should come with the time of the report, the Latitude and Longitude, altitude, speed and the direction of the asset.

The following is an example of possible message types and the associated icons that you may see in TracPlus for Android (and other TracPlus software). The colours of the icons are related to the colour that has been selected for the tracking and do not indicate anything specific about the event, with the exception of the distress and distress cancel event icons.

The standard tracking message. The arrow in the icon shows the approximate direction that the asset is heading.
The distress message is generated when the operator has activated the distress button.
 Distress Cancel
Distress cancel message indicating the distress state has finished.
 Text Message/Form
A text message or Form sent from the asset. Text messages sent to the device are not currently displayed.
 Engine Start
An engine start report is generated by the asset engine starting up.
 Engine Stop
An engine stop report is generated by the asset engine turning off.
 Take Off
A take-off report is generated by a switch indicating that the asset had taken off from the ground.
 A landing report generated by a switch indicating that the asset had landed on the ground.
Some devices can send alert messages when certain conditions have been detected by the device or manually sent by the operator.
 Drop Start
A special report and icon indicating the position of the asset when firefighting and dropping retardant/water from a tank or bucket.
Drop Stop
The report and Icon indicate when the tank or bucket has stopped.

A full list of possible messages and the associated icons can be seen in TracPlus Pro 3. Go to Tools -> Options and then under the Event Handling tab.

Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact the TracPlus support team on support@tracplus.com or call us on +64 (3) 477 8656.


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