Flightcell DZMx Unit

The Flightcell DZMx is the world’s only all-in-one satellite and cellular voice, data and tracking system for rotary and fixed wing aircraft. All electronics are installed in one compact, panel mounted control head – nothing in the avionics bay, and minimal wiring means substantial savings on installation costs. It is the world’s only all-in-one satellite and cellular phone system, providing crystal clear voice communications via Iridium satellite and cellular networks, so you’re always connected.

The DZMx is built to MILSPEC and DO160G standards, and designed to withstand extremes of temperature, vibration and impact. Housed in a super strong extruded alloy case, with minimal wiring, it’s fast and simple to install. Incredibly, the DZMx weighs only 1.4lbs (650g)!

 Flightcell DZMx System

 DZMx Technical Specifications

Dash Numbers 
Data Interfaces 
Input Voltage:12 – 32VDC
Power Supply Current:~1A @ 28VDC
ICS to DZM Audio Input Levels:20mVrms to 1.15Vrms, adjustable 775mVRMS nominal
Input impedance:600Ω
Microphone bias voltage:12V via 2.2kΩ
DZM to ICS Audio Output levels:Up to 5Vrms, adjustable 775mVRMS nominal
Output impedance:150Ω
Backlighting Control:AC/DC, 0 - 32V User calibrated High/Low set-points
Backlight colour Green 520nm:Designed for NVIS compliance.
GPS Antenna bias voltage:5V
Antenna current:p to 100mA
Sensitivity:-162dBm (with Flightcell Antenna)
Time to first fix:26s
 Shell:Aluminium 6061
Mounting fasteners:DZUS or M5
Main connector:1 x D25 male plus 1 x D25 female or
 1 x D38999 male (military versions)
Antenna connectors:Transceivers TNC
Faceplate width:146 mm x 158 (5.75" x 6.22")
Body width:126 mm x 126 mm (4.96" x 4.96")
Faceplate height:57 mm x 60 mm (2.24" x 2.36")
Body height:54 mm x 54 mm (2.13" x 4.33")
Depth (front to rear faces):110 mm x 110 mm (4.33" x 4.33")
Weight:580-720g (1.21-1.59 lbs) depending on configuration
RS232:3-wire serial port
RS-485/422:4-wire serial port
USB-Micro AB Connector:OTG (On-The-Go) USB port
USB-via D25 or D38999:DZMx is USB Host
10/100 ethernet:Ethernet port
General purpose inputs:5 (3 x digital, 2 x analogue)
General purpose outputs:2 outputs
Certification:DO-160G sections 4-9, 15-21, 25.
 Built to IP54 (Civ), IP65 (Mil)
Operating temperature:-40°C to 70°C
DZP_04-000:DZMx Civil no Transceiver
DZP_04-100:DZMx Civil with Satellite
DZP_04-300:DZMx Civil with Satellite & 3G Cell
DZP_04-020:DZMx Military, NVIS A, no transceiver
DZP_04-120:DZMx Military, NVIS A, with Satellite
DZP_04-320:DZMx Military, NVIS A, with Sat & 3G Cell

DZMx Technical Specifications

Installation Determination for Major / Minor Alterations (FAA)

For determining whether a installation requires to have FAA Certification, Flightcell have prepared a questionnaire to help assess if a STC is needed. The file 'Major_Minor_Alteration_Determination_FAA' is attached.