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TracPlus Beacon

Transform Your Smartphone into a Powerful Tracking Device 

TracPlus Beacon revolutionises team safety and monitoring within cellular reach. This innovative solution leverages the smartphones within your team’s pockets to ensure their safety through real-time location tracking and emergency alerts.

Steps to Enable:

Assigning Beacon Seats:

  • Access Control: Navigate to the Beacon administration page on TracPlus Cloud via the 'Manage' page, then select the 'Beacon' page in the top 'tracking' section.

  • Seat Allocation: Check available seats in the top-right corner of the page. Use the search box or scroll through the list to find and assign users to active seats.
    • To add a user to an active seat, click on their name from the list on the left side of the screen. They will immediately be assigned to a seat and able to start being tracked.
    • To remove a user from an active seat, click their name from the list on the right side of the screen. This will unassign them from the seat.

  • Adding Seats: Additional Seats can be purchased for US$10/month per seat. Should you need additional seats, please contact TracPlus support at support@tracplus.com or our product team at product@tracplus.com.

App Update and Access:

  • Ensure the TracPlus app is updated to version 2.0.7 or higher on your iPhone. Update or download from the App Store.
  • Access the Beacon module via the TracPlus icon located beside the Calendar icon on the main map page.

Start and Stop Tracking:

  • Initiate Tracking: Click the 'start tracking' button to begin. The app will display the time of the last location sent and offer a 'check in' option to send an 'Ops normal' event to TracPlus Cloud.

  • Background Tracking: The app will continue to track in the background without needing to remain open. Press 'Stop' to end tracking.

Additional Beacon Features:

  • Continuous Operation: The app sends location data continuously, utilising iPhone's assisted GPS to operate without a direct view of the sky.
  • Data Caching: If out of cellular range, the app caches data and uploads it when connectivity is restored, displaying the number of 'unsent reports'.

Emergency Distress Signal:

  • Activation: In case of an emergency, activate the distress signal by sliding the distress slider all the way to the right on the Beacon module interface. This crucial feature is fully integrated into the standard TracPlus distress monitoring systems.

  • Settings and Alerts: The initial setting is 'Notify Only,' which provides an immediate alert within your organisation without escalating to external services. This setting ensures rapid communication to your team members or supervisors, allowing for an immediate internal response.
  • Guardian Alert Compatibility: For situations requiring escalated safety measures, the Beacon is fully compatible with the Guardian Alert system at an additional cost. Activating the distress signal in this mode can trigger a comprehensive emergency response. This includes notifications to external emergency services and coordination of rescue operations, provided the device is within cellular reception.

Customisation and Review:

  • Just like other assets, you can alter the asset type, name, and callsign of your Beacon-tracked device via TracPlus Cloud. You can also review past tracks as you would with any other asset for a complete operational overview.

Note: Any unassigned users that are currently tracking with Beacon will cease tracking after the TracPlus app on their mobile device has established a network connection and synced any remaining location reports. Users can only access Beacon if they have an account created in TracPlus Cloud which can be done free of charge via the organisation settings page.

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