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How to use the Placename Explorer tool in TracPlus Pro 3

You can use the Placename Explorer to search specific place names or even just the 50 closest places to your currently selected asset or marker. You can individually click on a place in the Placename Explorer window and it will display on the screen. Alternatively, you can select multiple places and they will all display on the screen.

Please be aware that the Placename Explorer is accessing a public GeoNames database and TracPlus has no control over the data provided.

How to Use Placename Explorer

In TracPlus Pro 3, click on View in the Menu Bar and select Placename Explorer (hotkey F9). This opens the Placename Explorer window and you can now search for specific places or places close to your current selection.

There are 2 ways to search for places. You can search by using a specific name without using a country or you can search for what is near a marker placed on the map or a selected asset.

Searching by a Name

Enter the name in the 'Search for' field. If you do not select the country, this will return locations with that name, regardless of the country that it is in.

To narrow the search down, you can select the country which will only show the results that match the placename and country.

Clicking on a row/rows will add the place name in yellow onto the map.

Alternatively, you can 'right-click' your selected results and choose to 'add marker'. 

Searching by Marker

To search by Marker, right-click on the map in the area that you are searching for a place and 'Add Marker'.

Open Placename Explorer. Ensure that the 'Search for' field is empty and that the 'In' field says either 'All Countries' or the name of the country that you have placed the marker in.

Tick the box that is to the left of 'Near Selection' and then click the Search Button.

As you can see, it is very easy and intuitive to use and we would appreciate it if you could explore this new feature and give us any feedback that you or your users may have.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact either the TracPlus support team on support@tracplus.com or call us on +64 (3) 477 8656

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