Garmin inReach devices should be synced when first activated and periodically for both firmware and configuration updates. Devices should also be synced following any re-activation. These can be completed by USB Sync, Satellite Network Profile Sync or File Based Configuration. 

NOTE: Garmin inReach Mini's will need to do a firmware update through the Garmin Express app BEFORE syncing. (This is because the firmware may erase settings and contacts.)

Garmin inReach Sync app

Install the inReach Sync app from:

Once you have installed the software, run the following steps:

  • Open inReach Sync application
  • You will need to Log In on first use. This will be the email associated with your Garmin device and password.

Connect your device via the USB cable. Once connected the app will search until it finds the device and start the update process.

  • Once complete, disconnect the device from the computer and you can connect a new device.

Note that if inReach Explorer devices need to do a map update, this sync map take a few hours.