The TP Connect App is designed to be used with the RockFLEET, RockFLEET GSM, RockSTAR and RockAIR devices that have been sold since Oct 2014. It uses a Bluetooth connection to control your device. 

Using TP Connect, you can configure your device’s settings, transmit forms and send/receive text messages via email, SMS or TracPlus software. There will be some differences between what you have available in the menu depending upon what device type you are connected to. The following examples are based on being connected to a RockFLEET or RockAIR.

The app is listed in the Apple App Store as ‘TP Connect.’

Using TP Connect

Ensuring Bluetooth is turned On

First, you need to make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone or iPad. Go into the ‘Settings’ area, and check that Bluetooth is ‘ON.’ 

The RockFLEET will always have Bluetooth on provided it is attached to external power. For the RockSTAR, go into the menu, go to Bluetooth, and ensure it is turned to ‘ON.’

Connecting to your Device Initially

Discovering Devices

When you first download and open TP Connect, it will ask you to choose a device to connect to. Please tap the ‘Start’ button on the ‘Discover Devices’ screen. Devices within range will be listed with their serial numbers, so if you can see several units, you can ensure you are connecting to the correct one by choosing the appropriate serial number (located on the underside or back of the device).

Once you have connected for the first time, TP Connect will remember which device you connected to the previous time and will automatically connect to it next time.

The Pin Number

Once you have chosen your device to connect to, TP Connect will request that you enter a pin to unlock it. This is 1234 by default. Please enter the pin and tap ‘Unlock.’

My Device


My Device

At the top of the app, you will see your device name, connection status, and the battery charge bar of your device. The battery charge bar will change colour as it charges or drains. It also has icons to represent the activity of your device, whether the GPS and Iridium modems are active, the battery level and whether it is connected to external power or is running on its internal battery.

Underneath you will see a series of options and functions.

Disconnect from the Device / Connect to the Device

This button allows you to disconnect from, or reconnect to, your device. This is helpful for allowing others to use your device as only one user of TP Connect can be connected to the device at any one time.

Send Distress

This allows you to quickly send an emergency message to TracPlus which will alert within the TracPlus software, alert your SMS emergency contacts immediately and also alert the TracPlus 24/7 emergency call center staff.

Send My Position

Marks your current GPS position and sends it over Iridium to be displayed within the TracPlus software.

Position Reporting

My Latest Positions. A small map with markers and a text log of your most recently logged and transmitted positions. Please note that this log contains only positions sent while TP Connect was connected to your device. Click the individual positions to view it on the map as well as the position information.

Request Beep. Forces your device to beep. This helps users with multiple devices identify exactly which device they are connected to.

About. Contains the Firmware version, device name, and the App version.

Firmware update. To check if a new firmware version is available, tap on 'Update' button on the top right corner of the app. The network or mobile data will need to be on to do this. The app will now check for any firmware updates for the device; it will start downloading and installing automatically. The phone will need to be left in proximity to the device and may take 15 minutes to complete the installation.

Change Device Name. This allows you to personalise the name of your device as it appears within TP Connect. The name is unique to your iOS device and is not displayed anywhere else in TracPlus. This is to make it easier for users with multiple devices to identify which one they are connected to or which is assigned to which asset.

Change Device. Allows you to disconnect from your current device and search for other devices to connect to.


Tab on the 'Configure' Icon along the bottom.



Status on/off. Choosing this option allows you to turn the automatic position reporting on or off. When turned on, the device will automatically obtain a GPS fix and transmit reports at a set frequency.

Frequency. Using this menu option, you can view and set the frequency of the automatic position reporting. Options range from ‘Continuous’ which will obtain and send reports as quickly as possible, to once every 12 hours, allowing for two automatic reports per day. There is also a ‘burst’ mode in the advanced tracking section.

Tracking Advanced


The Tracking Advanced Menu is where Activity Sense and Burst Mode details are sets.

Burst Fixed Period. This works independently or in conjunction with the activity sense function and allows the device to collect many GPS reports, in order to get more accurate tracking information, and then to send them as a batch in order to keep airtime costs down. For example, the device can collect a GPS fix every 30 seconds and transmit those positions every 2 minutes. You can use Burst mode as your standard tracking frequency or you can use it in combination with activity sense.

Burst Transmit Period. This is the rate that your device transmits the batch of stored GPS fixes. This will display within TracPlus as a usual position report and will have breadcrumbs attached to it, which are your separate burst GPS fixes.

Activity Sense Status. Allows you to turn activity sense on and choose an activity sense profile: Power, Bump, GPS or Bump + GPS. Turning activity sense on will set the tracker to switch from normal ‘tracking frequency’ to burst (see above) tracking settings when speed, vibration or power is detected.

Activity sense can be useful if you want to automatically switch your tracking rates with power, speed or movement as the trigger. This is particularly useful for tracking vehicles or aircraft.

Activity Sense Threshold. The threshold is a customization tool that alters the sensitivity level within the activity sense menu which can be used to change when the device thinks it is ‘moving’ – this will depend on your exact situation, but we have found that setting this option to ‘24’ is a good start and works for most situations. 



Configure Alerts

The device can be set to send automatic alerts for a variety of situations. We recommend you consult the manual for your device for a full explanation of exactly how each alert can be triggered or configured. All manuals can be found here.




Set your GPS quality, early wakeup, hot status and usage settings here. Please consult your manual for best practices but TracPlus recommends an Early Wakeup of 40 seconds, Mode = 3D and 10+ fixes before accepting a valid position.




This setting can be used to force your device to check Iridium for text messages awaiting delivery to your device. It is off by default. 

Be aware, mailbox checks use Iridium data just like position reports. A normal tracking report from your device will also automatically check your mailbox for free, so it is not recommended to have both tracking and mailbox checking set to on.



Your device can create a log file of GPS positions independent of your tracking settings. These files are stored locally on your device and can be exported in GPX format. Use your USB cable connected to a PC to access these GPX log files. There is a guide to GPS Logging and viewing your GPX file within Google Earth.

External Accessory


External Power Available. The default setting is Unlimited. Should only be set to limited if the device will be operating mainly off the battery. If the device set to limited will it result in the Cellular tracking to be turned off. To reactivate the Cellular tracking set to 'Unlimited' again.

MOB Watcher. No details available yet.

Serial Mode. No details available yet.

Baud Rate. No details available yet.

Sample rate. No details available yet.

Input Sensitivity. This sets the sensitivity of the switch wires to changes when the 3 external switch wires are activated. Recommended setting is 'All Slow.'

GPRS Strategy. (Only available for RockFLEET GSM) Sets how the GSM is to be used. The recommended setting is 'Preferred' as this will use cellular tracking before using the Iridium Satellite network.

GPRS Settings 

These GPRS settings are only available for the RockFLEET GSM and RockAIR.


There are only 3 setting in the list to be concerned with. These need to be set as follows for the device to use cellular tracking features correctly.

  • Access Point Name: This depends on your cellular service provider
  • Primary Address: service.tracplus.com
  • Primary Port: 11009

Enable Messaging

When you connect to your device for the first time, it may not be setup to allow messaging. You need to activate this feature by selecting the ‘Messages’ function. This will automatically contact the server over the internet to provision your Rock device for messaging. Please note this must be done while within cellular/wifi coverage.

During this process, TP Connect will disconnect from the Rock device and restart the connection.You may also wish to restart TP Connect to help finish the process.

Once you have provisioned your device for messaging you can now access the text messaging functions.



Tap the ‘messages’ icon to enter the messaging area of TP Connect. From the messages screen, you can see your message history, send new messages to your email or mobile contacts or send messages directly to the TracPlus servers to be displayed within the TracPlus software.

Tap the ‘+’ symbol to access your iOS contacts list and choose a contact. Search for your desired email or phone contact and once chosen, type your message and press ‘Send.’ This will send your message to your Rock device which will, in turn, send it over the Iridium satellite network and to its final destination. Ensure your unit has a good view of the sky to speed up message delivery.

Note: To see the possible contacts listed in TP Connect, the numbers in your Cell Phone Contacts list need to have the country code prefix set. For example; 027 125 635 will need to be updated to +64 27 125 635. The numbers formatted this way will now be listed in TP Connect contact.

All outbound messages will be sent to the TracPlus software and your chosen contact. Currently, due to SMS and email limitations on privacy and security, you can only receive inbound messages from the TracPlus software.

All messages to and from a RockFLEET will always be displayed within the TP Connect app.

Satellite Airtime Usage

TP Connect uses Iridium SBD to transmit and receive text messages using your satellite device. As such, there are costs associated with these transmissions. For longer text messages you will be charged for a minimum message of up to 30 bytes size and any extra bytes used over this are charged at an equivalent per byte rate.

Configure Device

If you are confident with changing your settings, this option will allow you to configure all of the options – such as tracking frequency, alert settings and more. Any changes you make on this screen will take effect straight away.

Configuring the Device

We recommend you do not change these settings unless you are confident you know what you are doing or have contacted TracPlus Support for assistance. 

For Best Results

All satellite devices or their antennas need to be able to see the sky to work properly. The better the view of the sky they have, the quicker they will be able to transmit and receive messages, and the better your experience will be. The battery will also last the longest this way if battery operated.

Units will work with a partial view of the sky such as on window sills, glare shields and vehicle dashboards. However, this can lead to slower transmission times or messages getting queued. In our experience, the Rock type devices perform better than any other product we have tested in limited visibility conditions.

Troubleshooting and Support


If something isn’t working correctly, power down the device, wait until the light has stopped flashing and then switch it on again.

Ensure the unit is fully charged.

Reset a RockSTAR

In the rare case that your RockSTAR becomes unresponsive please press and hold the red 'alert' button and the 'down' arrow for 20 sec. This will reset and restart the RockSTAR.

Reset a RockFLEET

In the rare case that your RockFLEET becomes unresponsive please use the 'reset magnet' supplied with your RockFLEET. Place the magnet against the side edge of the RockFLEET GSM and slide it around the RockFLEET twice. You will hear an audible click and beep, followed by the LED flashing while the RockFLEET restarts.

If none of the above work, then please get in touch with the TracPlus support team using the details below.

Support Details

For assistance, please contact the TracPlus support team by emailing support@tracplus.com or call +64 (3) 477 8656. Please be ready to provide the following information:

  • Name and contact number.
  • Serial number of the device (see serial number label).
  • Symptoms of the issue.
  • History of action taken to attempt to rectify the issue.

Please remember that the more information you can give us, the better we’ll be able to help you. Please be as descriptive as you can and we can then get you up and running again as quickly as possible. 

Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact the TracPlus support team on support@tracplus.com or call us on +64 (3) 477 8656.