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Getting Started with TracPlus


When you join TracPlus, we begin by setting up your Organisation in the system, which requires two elements: a Billing Account and a Tracking Account.

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Billing Account

This part of your account manages your organisation's billing and requires a primary billing contact. If your billing contact also requires tracking access, please inform our team so we can create them as a tracking user. Billing can be either in arrears or based on a designated rate plan for some devices. This includes fees for software access subscriptions, satellite connection fees for GPS devices, and any airtime, data, or minutes used.

Tracking Account

Your tracking account manages your devices, assets, and associated information, such as notifications, emergency processes, and contacts. Access to the tracking account is granted by the Organisation's Administrator. Users and groups have different roles and abilities based on their permissions set by the Admin.

User Types

A User represents having a set of abilities and viewing rights in their respective organisation. All users have access to our entire software suite (excluding the Billing Contact).

  • Organisation Admin: The Organisation Admin controls the platform's user access and permissions, with the ability to edit asset and contact details. Devices and assets need to be created and assigned in coordination with the TracPlus team. If devices or assets from other organisations are shared with yours, you will not have edit ability over their devices.

  • Users: Users are given access to tracking information of the Org's devices/assets and can interact with them based on permissions granted by the Organisation Admin. In addition, user access isn't the typical 'one person-one user' combination. Multiple people from the same organisation can log in to the platform at the same time, using the same user logins.

    An example of this might be a central control team for your company who require the ability to send messages to and from devices vs your logistics team who need to know where all your assets are, but don't necessarily need to send messages. In this situation, you will ideally create two users, each having the required assets and devices shared with them, along with specific permission sets.

Note: For setting up multiple separate Organisation Admins (e.g., different regional arms), please contact TracPlus support for assistance.

Sharing & Groups

Assets and devices can be shared with users, groups, or other organisations, granting them the ability to view tracking and other device-related information based on their permission roles.

Group assets based on region, usage or asset type, making them visible to a specific set of users. This is especially useful for emergency service coordination or when leasing assets to another organisation. When an asset is assigned to a particular group, it will automatically be visible to every user in the group.

  • Organisation Groups: If you have a larger organisation with multiple Users and a large number of assets, you can make use of Organisation Groupings. Groups could be different Countries or regions within Organisation based on usage or asset type. You can then apply assets to the group and it will automatically be visible to all users within the group. 
  • Inter-Organisation Sharing: There are also many cases where Organisations may need to share asset tracking information, and you can make use of Inter-Organisation sharing to accomplish this.  This could be for all assets in an Organisation as might be required for emergency service coordination, or where assets are leased by another Organisation for a limited period.


For assistance, please contact the TracPlus support team by emailing support@tracplus.com. Please provide the following information:

  • Name and contact number.
  • Serial number of the Device (see serial number label).
  • Symptoms of the fault.
  • History of action taken to attempt to rectify the fault.

Contact Support

  • NZ: 0800 872 275 or +64 3 477 8656
  • AU: 1800 330 740
  • US: (678) 782 8090

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