TracPlus Pro 3 comes with a set of on-line maps, rather than the previous maps sets that needed to be installed on the local PC. However TracPlus Pro 3 is still able to use these retired map sets and if you had theses installed you should see them in them list of maps in TracPlus Pro.

TracPlus Pro 3 Map List

Important Note: These charts are 5 years old and out of date. These old maps are available as reference only and should not be used for navigation purposes.

The old Map sets are still available and you can download these from Available Map Sets.

The available map sets are:

Map SetSize
Australia Illustrative3.2 Gb
New Zealand Illustrative0.79 Gb
New Zealand Maritime4.1 Gb
New Zealand Topographical Part 14.2 Gb
New Zealand Topographical Part 20.07 Gb
New Zealand Topographical Alternative3.1 Gb
World map128 mb

List of Available Maps 

The New Zealand Topographic map set is in two parts, and both parts will need to be downloaded for the install to work.

Installing the map sets

Self-Extracting File Default Folder

These maps are self-Extracting files. When you start each one to install, you can use the default location or you can point the install to where the folder where the maps are currently stored. Browse to the new folder you want to store the maps.

Configuring TracPlus Pro to see the installed maps

If the maps do not show up in TracPlus Pro once you installed them; you may need to point TracPlus Pro to the folder where they are installed. Run TracPlus Pro as administrator.

Right click on the Icon in either the desktop or in the menu and select Run as Administrator.

Run as Administrator from Menu

If in the menu system find the folder and Icon and Right Click on the Icon->More->Run as Administrator to start the program in Administrator mod.

Adding to Map Sources

Then in Tools ->Options, go to the Maps tab. Find and add the location for where the new maps were installed. The Maps will now be in the drop down list of available maps.

Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact the TracPlus support team on or call +64 (3) 477 8656.