The RockAIR is a portable glare-shield mounted satellite/cellular tracking and messaging device with Bluetooth support for Apple iPad and iPhone. It has built-in GSM, which allows it to use the terrestrial mobile phone networks, and then automatically switching to the global Iridium satellite network when GSM is not available. It is entirely self-contained and attaches securely and easily to the glare-shield.


The combination of GSM and Iridium provides a cost effective, and truly global, method of tracking and communicating with your assets wherever they may be. The RockAIR can also transmit at different rates when in cellular coverage versus satellite-only (e.g. faster in cellular areas, more slowly when transmitting over iridium) - this is controlled via the cellular profile.

The RockAIR has the capabilities for multiple external switch inputs for easy reporting from external sensors allowing the automatic and accurate capture and transmission of takeoffs, landings, engine start-ups, engine shutdown, in addition to user-defined events from other sensors.

A host of internal sensors allows the RockAIR to transmit flight operating conditions such as operating temperature or sudden impact events. In addition, GPS, internal and external sensor information is logged onto a removable SD card every second, allowing the RockAIR to operate as a flight recorder for post flight or post incident analysis.

Product Details

Power9-30v and USB Input.
Built in backup battery.
TransmitsUsing either GSM or Iridium
Size (unit on its own)119 mm x 100 mm x 25 mm
Weight210 grams
InstallationQuick Release Mounting Clip
Idea forCarry on installation on aircraft/rotorcraft.
Fixed/carry on for land vehicles
Tracking OptionsConfigurable from 15 seconds to 24 hours.
Different tracking rates when in Cellular verse Satellite.
Over the air configuration
Switches5 x External Switches
AntennasInternal Iridium and GPS antennas.
Option for External Antenna (must be requested on purchase)
CertificationsFCC & CE

On the Keyboard

An NVG-compatible front panel provides temporary suspension of tracking in agricultural or on-station loiter operations, automated TracWatch monitoring, position marking and distress/distress cancellation. Fully supported by TracPlus proven platform and renowned customer service.

  • Mark Waypoint
  • Distress Button
  • TracWatch Monitoring
  • LED Brightness is adjustable


The RockAIR, when paired with the TracPlus app TP Connect for iPhone / iPad brings additional functionality to the cockpit. This includes sending and receiving text messages, configuring the device, and filling and sending user-defined forms anywhere in the world, regardless of cellular coverage. The User Guide for the TP Connect for iOS is available here.

Visit to learn more about the RockAIR. Pre-orders and registrations of interest are now being accepted for delivery from August 2017.