Enjoy the freedom of using software and hardware that meets your individual needs.

We don’t live in a ‘one size fits all’ world. TracPlus software integrates with an ever-growing range of tracking devices from multiple manufacturers. TracPlus enables customers to mix and match across land, sea, and air assets according to their specific mission and regulatory requirements.


TracPlus Software

Asset Viwing TracPlus Pro 3TracPlus WebTracPlus for iPhoneTracPlus for iPadTracPlus for Android
User Name / Password Protected
Asset Messaging
Bulk Asset Messaging    
Asset Map Locking 
Asset Details List
Selectable Assets
Editable Asset Icons    
Editable  Markers    
Editable Paths    
Editable Search Patterns    
Remote Asset Configuration
Track Data Export    
Permissions Manager    
Placename Explorer    
Event Handling Configuration    
Calendar Selector
Interface TracPlus Pro 3TracPlus WebTracPlus for iPhoneTracPlus for iPadTracPlus for Android
Asset Watchlist
Asset Timeline View    
Asset Grouping by operator
Asset Search Function    
3rd Party Asset Viewing
Multiple simultaneous Maps    
Sun Position    
MapsTracPlus Pro 3  TracPlus Web TracPlus for iPhoneTracPlus for iPad  TracPlus for Android
World Basic
World Dark    
World Imagery    
World Reduced    
World Terrain     
World Satellite
World Hybrid
Street View    
Apple Maps   
Map Overlaying KMZ/KML/Custom    
Mini Map    
PositioningTracPlus Pro 3 TracPlus Web TracPlus for iPhone TracPlus for iPad TracPlus for Android
Grid (Long. Lat.)    
Grid (East/West)    
Multiple coordinate format support    
TrackingTracPlus Pro 3TracPlus WebTracPlus for iPhoneTracPlus iPadTracPlus for Android
Multiple simultaneous trails 
Trail Colours variable 
Time Rings    
Velocity Leaders    
Distance Rings    
TracPlus ToolsTracPlus Pro 3 TracPlus WebTracPlus for iPhoneTracPlus for iPadTracPlus for Android
Search Patterns    
Range Bearing Lines    


For a full list of advanced features please visit tracplus.comShould you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact either the TracPlus support team on support@tracplus.com or call +64 (3) 477 8656.