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Setting Default Tracking profile in TP Connect app

Our customers can manage their Tracking rates and other settings via our TP Connect app available on Apple devices.

To download the app, visit: https://apps.apple.com/nz/app/tp-connect/id1101507484

1. In order to connect to a Rock7 Device (RockAIR, RockFLEET, RockSTAR or RockSTAR) - please ensure your Bluetooth setting is turned ON. This can be done by going into the "Settings" area of the iPhone or iPad.

2. Open the TP Connect app, if this is your first time connecting to the app it will show a list of devices nearby. Please select the one which appears on the list. If you have multiple devices then the device details can be confirmed by looking at the back of the device to cross-check if it's the right device.

3. Once connected, the blue light on RockAIR/RockDASH devices should appear and stay turned on to indicate that it has connected successfully. Also, it will prompt for a PIN number to unlock which is 1234.


Note: If you are seeing a faint blue light or if the device is intermittently connecting and dropping connection then please contact support@tracplus.com with the device's TP Serial number (located on the back of the device)

4. To select a profile, click on the 'Configure' Icon along the bottom. 

5. On configure page you would notice there are different options under "Preset Profiles"

The preset profiles are a set of profiles that contain the default recommended settings for the device's purpose. 

There are the following profile options: 

1. Aviation - recommended for Aircrafts & Helicopters.
  • This is recommended profile for the RockAIR device.
  • The transmission rate over cellular is 15 seconds and 2 minutes over the satellite network.

2. Maritime - recommended for Boats
  • This is recommended profile for the RockFLEET device.
  • The transmission rate over cellular is 1 minute where it will record the GPS fix/position every 15 seconds.
  • The transmission rate over satellite is 10 minutes where it will record GPS fix/position every 5 minutes.

3. Land - recommended for Cars and other land-based vehicles.
  • This is recommended profile for the RockDASH device.
  • The transmission rate over cellular is 15 seconds and 5 minutes over the satellite network.

If you wish to have a custom transmission rate or settings then you would need to go to "Custom" under the Advanced section. 

Note: We recommend not using Custom settings unless you are confident you know what you are doing or have contacted TracPlus Support for assistance to avoid any issues.

Troubleshooting basic issues

If something isn’t working correctly, power down the device, wait until the light has stopped flashing and then switch it on again. Ensure the unit is fully charged.

Reset a RockAIR / RockDASH

In order to soft reset the RockAIR unit, press and hold the green button until all six LED's flash (i.e. +-8 seconds) wait for the initial beep noise.

Reset a RockSTAR

In the rare case that your RockSTAR becomes unresponsive please press and hold the red 'alert' button and the 'down' arrow for 20 sec. This will reset and restart the RockSTAR.

Reset a RockFLEET

In the rare case that your RockFLEET becomes unresponsive please use the 'reset magnet' supplied with your RockFLEET. Place the magnet against the side edge of the RockFLEET GSM and slide it around the RockFLEET twice. You will hear an audible click and beep, followed by the LED flash while the RockFLEET restarts.

If none of the above work, then please get in touch with the TracPlus support team using the details below.

Getting Support

For assistance, please contact the TracPlus support team by emailing support@tracplus.com with the following:

  • Name and contact number.
  • Serial number of the device (see serial number label).
  • Description of the issue.
  • History of action taken to attempt to rectify the issue.
Please remember that the more information you can give us, the better we’ll be able to help you. 


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