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Understanding Settings in TracPlus Cloud

The Settings page in TracPlus Cloud allows you to update and modify your user interface and the way asset details are displayed in the Map section. You can manage your organisation’s details and user accounts and update your own account settings.

To navigate to the Settings section, click on the Settings iconon the lefthand side of the screen.

General Settings

General settings allow you to manage and modify the appearance of your TracPlus Cloud user interface. To access your general settings, navigate to Settings > General, where you’ll find two sections:

1. User Interface: Manage the appearance of the user interface throughout the application.

a. Enable Dark Mode: To enable dark mode, Click “Enable dark mode”. The changes are made live so you can see how images will appear on your screen.

b. Asset Details to Display: Here you can select one of the following asset details to be displayed.

  • Track and Speed – this is the default setting.
  • Altitude and Speed
  • Position
  • Most Recent Event
  • Make
  • Model
  • Variant
  • Owner
  • Category – the type of asset, car, helicopter, plane etc.

The selected option will appear in the asset list, to the left hand of the Map section. The image below shows Altitude and Speed selected.


c. Serial Number to Display for Devices: Here you can select one of the following asset details to be displayed.

  • TracPlus Serial Number (TP SN) – this is the default setting
  • IMEI Number
  • Manufacturer Serial Number

The above change will appear to the right of the Map section, under the Device type for whichever asset you select.


2. Units: Manage the units of measurement that are used throughout the application.

  1. Distance Units:
    1. Kilometres (km) - this is the default setting
    2. Statute Miles (mi)
    3. Nautical Miles (nm)
  2. Speed Units:
    1. Km/h (km/h) - this is the default setting
    2. MPH (mph)
    3. Knots (kt)
  3. Altitude:
    1. Metres (m) - this is the default setting
    2. Feet (ft)
  4. Track:
    1. Degrees True (°T) - this is the default setting
    2. Degrees Magnetic (°m)
  5. Coordinates Format:
    1. Decimal degrees (d) - this is the default setting 
    2. Degrees, minutes, and seconds (dms)
    3. Degrees and decimal minutes (dm)
  6. Area:
    1. Square Kilometres (km²) - this is the default setting
    2. Acres (acres)
    3. Hectares (ha)
    4. Square Miles (mi²)
    5. Square Nautical Miles (nm²)

3. Reset to DefaultThis will Reset all of the General Settings to the default settings flagged above.

Organisation Settings

Organisation settings allow you to manage and update your Organisation details and user accounts. To access this section, navigate to Settings > Organisation

You will find three main sections here:

1. Details: 

This section contains information about your organisation including its name, the Primary Contact details, and the Billing Contact details for the organisation.

To change the Primary contact details and/or the Billing contact details, click on the “edit” icon (the small pencil) to the top right of the relevant box.

2. Organisation Users: 

In this section, you can view a list of everyone who has access to your organisation in TracPlus Cloud.

If you are an Administrator, then you can also invite users to your organisation in the “Invite User” section.  

To learn how to invite users to your organisation in TracPlus Cloud: Inviting users to your organisation in TP Cloud.

3. Contacts: 

The contacts which appear in this section here are individuals who can be assigned as emergency contacts and/or messaging whitelist contacts for assets on the asset page.

NOTE: Only Administrators can add, remove, and modify contacts.

If you wish to update your settings but are unable to find the option, please get in touch with your organisation’s Administrator so they can make the necessary changes.

If you are an Administrator and would like to learn more: Guide for Administrator users in TracPlus Cloud

Account Settings

Account settings let you manage your TracPlus Cloud user account. You can use the tools in this section to view and/or change your account name, email address.

You can also view which organisations you are a member of, and your role within these organisations.  

If you no longer wish to view another organisation's assets, you can click the Leave icon.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at support@tracplus.com

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