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Uploading Preset Messages

Preset messages upload some pre-determined text to make sending messages from your RockSTAR easier. The messages are common text, or text that may be expected to be sent in some cases. The messages can be optimised for sending in a single message (14 characters or less).

Uploading preset messages to you RockSTAR

Putting your device in USB mode

Open the Main Menu by pressing the OK button.

Scroll down to Advanced and press OK

Press OK on Connect USB

When your screen looks like this THEN connect the USB cord.

Adding the file

Connect your RockSTAR to your computer or laptop via USB Mini B cord to the port at the base of the RockSTAR.

Once connected you should see a ROCKSTAR folder or location in you Explorer or Finder.

Open the folder or location. There may be a lot of other files or logs in there. You don't need remove or alter any files already in the folder.

Download or create a copy of the attached PRESET.txt file attached to this article and add any messages you woul like following the format of the other messages. You can't just drag and drop from this page.

Drop the file into the folder or location and once it appears in the folder, and eject or unmount the ROCKSTAR.

Return to the message menu and create a new message to allow you to view the preset messages available.

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