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DZMx Endpoint/IP/DNS change

This article explains how to update the Flightcell DZMx Endpoint IP address to the new Tracplus DNS Endpoint. 

Why This Change Is Necessary:

  • Enhanced Reliability and Security: This transition is a strategic move to improve the overall reliability and security of the service we provide. By moving to a new endpoint, we're ensuring that your operations benefit from the latest technology advancements and security protocols.
  • Avoiding Potential Risks: Staying with the current setup exposes your operations to the risk of limitation to satellite tracking only. This not only reduces the efficiency of your tracking capabilities but also potentially increases operational costs.

Benefits of the Transition:

  • Comprehensive Tracking: By completing this transition, you'll continue enjoying cellular and satellite tracking, ensuring uninterrupted, comprehensive coverage of your assets.
  • Cost Efficiency: This move is also designed to be cost-effective in the long run, preventing any unnecessary increases in your operational expenses.
  • Boosted Security: This change also means upgrading security measures and ensuring the latest advancements in security protocols protect your operations.

To perform this change, you will need:

To start, Click on the "0" as that will bring you to the main menu. From there, you want to navigate to these points:

  • Menu to "hardware config"

  • then select "Installer menu enabled". The DZMx will prompt you for a PIN number. The pin number is 2468

  • Once that is entered, press the * key to take you back to the main menu

  • Navigate up to "tracking"

  • Inside the tracking menu, navigate to "Transmission ops" 

  • Then navigate to "IP Address"

  • Remove the existing address by clicking the * key until all the numbers have been deleted.

  • Enter the new IP address (To create the dots, press and hold the "0" key. Then press the enter key).

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