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TracPlus Cloud - Flight Follower's Guide

What is TracPlus Cloud?

TracPlus Cloud is a user-friendly and robust tracking and communications platform. It is available through any modern web browser. It offers a modern and intuitive interface, with solutions for PC, Mac and mobile. This Guide will help get you started.

Logging into TracPlus Cloud

With TracPlus Cloud, you will log in with an email address and password. If you haven’t logged in before, please reach out to your organisation’s administrator and ask them to send you an invite. If you are an administrator and don’t have access to TracPlus Cloud, please email support@tracplus.com so we can get you started.

 Using the Map in TracPlus Cloud

The first screen you see when you log in to TracPlus Cloud is the Map Page, where you can view all of your assets and tracking data and customise the way your map appears.

  1. Asset List panel: The Asset List panel is located on the left-hand side of the screen. Use the Asset List to view all of your assets, as well as assets that have been shared with your organisation. 
    1. Use the Smart Search bar to quickly find assets.
    2. View Historical Data brings up a calendar where you can select a specific day.
    3. Group-By toggle gives you a variety of options to sort your assets (default is Latest Activity).
    4. Any group you don’t wish to see can be quickly hidden to reduce clutter.

  2. Main Map Window: This is the area where you can view your assets on the map. 
    1. Mouse wheel to zoom
    2. Hover over the trail to see individual position pings
    3. Click on ping to see more info
    4. Customise the way the map and trails look with the Map Tools/Settings
    5. Split the map to follow multiple assets at once

  3. Asset Activity panel: The Asset Activity panel is located on the right-hand side of the screen. Once the asset is selected in the Asset List panel, you will see:
    1. Information at a glance about a selected asset
    2. Details of asset activity for a selected calendar day
    3. Activity will be broken down into Startup/Shutdown ‘Legs’
    4. Expand a leg to see important events by clicking the (+) icon
    5. Jump to the assets’ latest activity, or filter the type of event you wish to see using the icons

  4. Reports Panel:You can view and export live (or historic) tracking reports by selecting a trip or leg from the Asset Activity panel, which will expand the Reports Panel. From here: 
    1. Click the Select Columns dropdown to customise what information you wish to see
    2. Narrow down further using the Filter Events dropdown
    3. You can export this data, and any columns/filters you enable here will be included in the CSV or KML file.

 Exporting a Trip Report in TracPlus Cloud

TracPlus Cloud has a dedicated section where you can view your Flight/Trip Reports and export the data in a variety of formats. To export Trip reports visit: 

  1. In TracPlus Cloud go to Reporting section, then Trip Reports tab.
  2. Click “Select an asset” to select the asset you wish to export a report for from the dropdown list, followed by the Month and Year. 
  3. Click “Go” to generate the report.
  4. The system will show you the Flight report for your asset from its departure point to destination, the start and end times, and the duration of the flight.

 Messaging in TracPlus Cloud

In the Messaging section, you can view and send messages to devices that you own or that have been shared with you with appropriate permissions. 

To access the Messaging section, visit TracPlus Cloud and click on the Messaging icon.

  1. To send a new message to an asset or device, click on the Create Message icon 
  2. Use the Smart Search bar to locate the asset you wish to message
  3. Use the Find Conversation search bar to search for existing messages
  4. You can use this field to search asset/conversations in a variety of ways (Name, IMEI, TP Serial, Owner)
  5. Type your message in the New Message field, and click Send.

Note: There is a 200 character limit, messages sent to satellite devices will incur a cost.


Use the Settings page in TracPlus Cloud to update and modify your user interface, and the way asset details are displayed in the Map section. You can also manage your view organisation’s details and manage your own account settings.

  1. General Settings: View and update your user interface settings, including the standard units of measurement.
  2. Organisation Settings: View your organisation details.
  3. Account Settings: View and Update your personal account details.

Helpdesk and Support Details

For assistance, please contact the TracPlus support team by emailing support@tracplus.com - it would greatly help us if you provided the following information: 

• Name and contact number.  

• Serial number of the Device (see serial number label).  

• Symptoms of the fault.  

• History of action taken to attempt to rectify the fault.

Please remember that the more information you can give us, the better we’ll be able to help you.


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