NOTE: When changing the owner of a device, save after doing so before editing anything else. Failing to do so can result in an error when saving the device.

There are several tabs to work through within TP Manager, one of the primary tabs is the Devices tab.

The devices tab is essential as this is where you can create, search and manage devices.

There are 11 fields that you can search within the devices tab. These are: 

  • Asset - the name of the device (Eg VH-XXX, ZK-XXX) 
  • Status - Status of the device (Eg Activated or Deactivated)
  • ID - Unique Device ID, if you need Devs to do Any work on a device. This is the most important thing as they will need this to look up the device in the database. 
  • Owner - Support will enable this device to show up on the customer's side of TracPlus Pro 3. 
  • Make - Brand of the device (Eg Rock7, Flightcell, V2) 
  • Model - Model of device (Eg RockAIR, RockFLEET, RockSTAR, DZMx)
  • TP Serial - TracPlus serial number. If the device is purchased from TracPlus it should have this serial number. 
  • Mfr Serial - Manufacturer serial. All devices should have this.
  • IMEI - The unique device identifier, this is important as we will need this to activate devices in SOAPinator and establish contracts.
  • Recent - Most recent report/when the device last transmitted.
  • QA Error -  If the device has an error with billing or voice.

Searching for a device

When selecting a device within the device tab you will be greeted with the information of the device such as the device ID, make, model, firmware, manufacturers, serial, IMEI, TP serial and sim number. In most cases, the IMEI is the most important field in the devices tab. You can also change the owner of the device in this tab. Another important part of this tab is the notes tab. Notes are important as usually if someone has dealt with a device they would have put information like the ticket number and things that have been done to the device. 

Creating a new device

When creating a new device when clicking the new tab in the devices tab, the most important fields for the device are the device ID, make, model, IMEI, owner and TracPlus serial. You also need to make sure that the device has the correct Asset, operator, user permissions, monitoring (ICE contacts) and the correct billpayer in the billing tab and SOAPinator. When activating and deactivating devices make sure to make a not with an FD number or reference.

In addition to the devices tab, there are 12 more tabs. These are:

  • Asset - This is where you can assign the asset name to a device. Here you can also set up messaging handles.
  • Operator - This is the operator of the device. This will enable the device to show up in the customer's watchlist group in TracPlus Pro 3.
  • User Permissions - This is where permissions for the device are set. For example, if the user is able to see tracks, and history, be able to change tracking rates within TracPlus Pro 3.
  • Configuration - In this tab shows the configuration of the device, like tracking rates and firmware. here you can also request the configuration and push over the air changes, although this is not recommended.  
  • Group Permissions - This tab is similar to the user permissions tab but for multiple usercodes that have the same permissions. 
  • Monitoring - This tab is where you can set up ICE contacts for the device. 
  • Other Contacts - White list numbers and emails.
  • Missions - These are the mission reports, to start one you will need to create them from TracPlus Pro 3
  • Reports - In this tab, you can see the tracking of the device in the form of reports. Here you can see startup, shutdowns, distresses, battery level and configs as well as the latency and location of the tracker.
  • Invalid Reports - Same as above but Blocked, duplicated or future.
  • Switch Mappings - Here you can find the mapping for the pins in the 6-pin Molex slot as well as mapping the buttons for the RockAIR.
  • Billing - Here you can find the plans, active status, bill payer, change whether a device has cellular IP and if they are on notify, notify then call and notify and call.