From time to time, device manufacturers release new versions of the software which runs on your tracking device tracker (called firmware) to fix bugs or add new features.

NOTE: This is not required for a Garmin inReach Explorer.

Garmin Express

Install the Garmin Express app from:

Once you have installed the software, run the following steps:

  • Open Garmin Express application
  • Click Add a Device and connect the inReach Mini to the computer using the USB cable. Once found click Add Device again

  • You will be asked if you would like to Register and give the device a Nickname, you can skip both of these by clicking Next in the bottom right hand corner. The inReach Sync app (steps below) controls these.

  • If you have previously updated a device on this computer, you will be asked to Replace or Do Not replace an existing device, choose Do Not Replace or No.

  • If there is an update available the application will give you information on how long the update will take, click Install to continue. Note that there may be updated Terms and Conditions to agree to.

  • Once complete, disconnect the device from the computer to allow the update to be installed on the device. Once complete, run the inReach Sync app.