TracPlus offers mission-critical APIs so you can integrate tracking, event and messaging data into your chosen systems. This includes AFF's API allowing:

Automated Flight Following (AFF) is an online government application that automatically tracks the location and velocity of specially-equipped aircraft and mobile assets and provides this information in near-real-time to dispatchers, aviation managers, and other authorized

In order to share your data with USFS-AFF, you will need to engage both TracPlus as well as AFF.


  • The party owning the contract with USFS-AFF (i.e. either avionics tech and/or aircraft vendor) is responsible of managing any aircraft addition/change requests. 

  • In order to manage these requests, the responsible party needs an AFF account. A new AFF account can be requested by sending an email to AFF helpdesk (; more details can be found at

  • The aircraft addition/change requests will need to be made using the "aircraft request form" by logging in first into the AFF account at

  • These changes can take up to 6 working days to be actioned.


  • Log into with the main account/usercode (i.e. owner of the aircraft). 

  • On the left hand side menu (i.e. within, click on User Groups.

  • Scroll down the list of User Groups until you find USFS AFF Service and click on it.

  • The details of the Group (i.e. required user permissions ) will appear on the right. Click on the button "Add this group to my list of friends" on the bottom.    

  • Once you have selected this a green tick will appear next to the group name.

  • On the left hand side menu (i.e. within, click on Asset Sharing. 

  • Select which aircraft you want to share from the list of assets in the column on the left.

  • Select USFS AFF Service (user group)  the middle column.

  • Select View Current Track Data and View historical track data and click Apply.

Your permissions are all ready to go.


  • Every aircraft addition/change request is manually reviewed by AFF and can take up to 6 working days. Please take these timings into account in your operational planning to avoid contract breaches with AFF.

  • Pre-flight check: make sure that your tracking device is working as expected prior to contractual and/or non-contractual flights. Please find below a list of suggested items to review:
    • Transmission rates
    • Battery levels (if applicable)
    • Asset sharing
    • Comms 

  • We recommend reviewing the tracked data each day to ensure that tracking has been received correctly and meets any contractual requirements. This will ensure that any issues are quickly identified and can be rectified.