At TracPlus, we aim to make tracking easier for you. During high pressure and stressful situations, it is great knowing that all your aircraft can be tracked in one place. TracPlus provides the ability to view all aircraft tracking (whether the device is sold by TracPlus or not) in one single platform.

Contents of Article:

  1. What is a Third Party Device?

  2. Is my device a Third Party Device?

  3. How do I organise the sharing of Tracking Data with TracPlus?

  4. What do I do when the sharing period has ended?

  5. What data is shared with TracPlus?

What is a Third Party Device?

A Third Party device is defined as: A device where another tracking provider, other than TracPlus, has activated your tracking unit and are providing the satellite airtime for you. In this situation, you may be using the other company's software to see the tracking of your assets.

If an organisation, such as NAFC/AFAMS or other government organisations, requires the tracking to be made available to them through TracPlus, then the owner of these devices and their airtime provider need to forward the tracking data to TracPlus. We call this process a "Third Party Feed" as the airtime provider (the third party) will be feeding your tracking data to TracPlus.

This feed of data happens behind the scenes, however we need some input from you, the customer, to make this all happen smoothly and seemlessly.

Is my device a Third Party Device?

TracPlus supports integration of a number of 3rd Party Devices. The list of Third Party Compatible Devices include:

  • BlueSky
  • Field Intell
  • Guardian
  • IndigoSat
  • Latitude
  • SkyConnect
  • SkyTrac
  • SpiderTracks
  • V2track

For more information, see the attached help document below, prepared by NAFC/AFAMS, that explains this.

How do I organise the sharing of Tracking Data with TracPlus?

  1. Fill out the Account Form, sign and forward to This is necessary only if you do not already have an account with TracPlus.
  2. Fill out the Third Party Authorisation form and forward to
  3. Request your existing Tracking Provider to share the tracking data for the necessary assets to TracPlus.

Once these steps have been completed, the tracking data will automatically appear in the TracPlus Software.

What do I do when the sharing period has ended?

Once you no longer require the Third Party Feed into TracPlus, it is important that you contact your tracking provider (who provides your airtime for your particular unit) and request they stop forwarding the data to TracPlus or you will continue to be charged a monthly fee, as well as the per message charges. For some providers, there may be an online self management portal, where you can manage this feed.

Our billing system automatically detects whether or not a Third Party Device has a flow of data to our servers for the month. Whenever we receive data from a third party device, the billing for that unit will be opened for the month in question. We cannot activate or deactivate these units and as such, the only way to manage the fees associated with using these devices is to have automated billing.

What data is shared with TracPlus?

TracPlus will only receive a feed of the tracking data from your tracking provider and display that in our software. We do not have the ability to control the In Case of Emergency Contacts for Emergency Situations, nor can we assist in any external watching features pertinent to your tracking provider platform.


There are three documents attached to this page:

  1. Sharing tracking and event data with ARENA. Explaining how to see your data from the TracPlus platform in the NAFC/AFAMS platform
  2. A TracPlus Account form for opening a new account with TracPlus if you are a new Customer to TracPlus.
  3. Plus, a Third Party Authorisation form for providing the information and authorisation that TracPlus needs to set the asset up with TracPlus.