In Case of Emergency (ICE) Contacts are staff or contacts defined by you, that get notified if one of your devices is set to emergency mode. Based on the Distress Notification Option you have selected a range of steps will be triggered that can include SMS notification, phone contact and escalation to emergency authorities.

It is vitally important that this list is up-to-date in the system, as TracPlus staff need a comprehensive list of valid contacts that can receive a SMS notification of the emergency and can be called to achieve handover or offer assistance where needed.

What is the Distress Notification process?

Define ICE Contact list:

Each device must have at least 2 contacts associated with it for both SMS and Voice emergency notifications. These contacts can be automatically assigned from a default list in your account, or updated individually when each new device is connected. This allows you to have the same emergency contacts for all devices, or map out emergency contacts appropriate to each device use and location

Triggering the Signal:

All fully supported devices can trigger an emergency signal using the emergency or distress button on a device (for third party device see support functionality here - link to come). The specific methods for each triggering each device can be found in their guides.

There are optional extra methods that can be turned on in your system depending on your emergency monitoring requirements:

  • Automated Monitoring Service - triggered automatically following a break in regular transmissions from a tracking device.

  • Dead Person's Switch (Selected devices only) -  triggered when a manual response is not received from the device.


Distress Notification options:

For each device you can select apply any of the options below. This flexibility allows you to map out emergency notification as appropriate for all your devices. 

  • Notify only (included with all plans) - your ICE contacts will be notified via SMS. Further actions will be at the discretion of your ICE Contacts.

  • Notify then call (optional) - your ICE contacts will be notified via SMS, and if no response is received after 5 mins, ICE contacts are called. If unanswered will be escalated to authorities as appropriate.

  • Notify and call (optional) - your ICE contacts will be notified via SMS and simultaneously called. If unanswered will be escalated to authorities as appropriate.

In-depth information on the Distress Notification Options can be found in this article - Distress and Emergency Notification Options

Selecting the Distress Notification for each device:

The Distress Notification option is set for each device when it is activated in the system by us. We will ask you which of the options you would like to apply when we add it to your account.

You can review and update the option selected for each device in My TracPlus using the following steps:

  • Go to My Asset and left click on the specific device you would like review. The Emergency Behavior setting can be seen at the bottom of the page.

  • To update, click Edit Asset in the bottom right-hand corner.

  • Update the Emergency Behavior option using the radio buttons and click Update to save.

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