Some customers may have a preference for operation of the RockAIR without the internal battery connected or installed. 

The RockAIR will work correctly without the internal battery, however, any queued (untransmitted) reports and shutdown messages will be lost when external power is removed. This will result in incomplete data and affect the ability of TracPlus to perform meaningful mission analysis and produce useful reports, including airborne and engine run times.

Removing the internal battery voids the device warranty.

To remove the internal battery:

  1. Remove the device from the aircraft, removing all power sources. If any LEDs remain illuminated, press and hold the GREEN button until all LED's turn off.
  2. Remove the silicone sleeves from the front and rear of the device.IMG_7066.JPG

  3. Using a T10 Torx screwdriver, unscrew the four case screws.IMG_7068.JPG

  4. Gently lift the upper half of the enclosure to expose the circuit board. The upper enclosure is attached to the circuit board by a wire leading to the cellular antenna. Do not apply stress to this wire.IMG_7069.JPG
  5. Using a UFL connector removal tool, disconnect the cellular antenna wire from the board with a gentle vertical movement.

  6. Using a #1 Philips screwdriver, remove the four circuit board mounting screws.IMG_7071.JPG

  7. Lift the circuit board from the lower half of the enclosure by lifting the rear of the board while gently pushing the rear of the casing outward to allow the Molex connectors to clear the cutouts in the enclosure. The circuit board will remain attached to the front panel by a ribbon cable. Do not disconnect or apply stress to this cable.IMG_7073.JPG

  8. Gently remove the battery connector from the motherboard. Do not use a tool that could short the exposed contacts in the plug.

  9. The battery is attached to the lower half of the enclosure by two strips of double sided adhesive foam tape. Remove the battery by using a flat, non-sharpened tool to carefully separate the tape from the enclosure case. IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU DO NOT BEND, DEFORM, PUNCTURE OR OTHERWISE DAMAGE THE BATTERY during this process. Damage to the battery could result in rapid and uncontrolled combustion of the battery and loss of the device and/or other property. Appropriate fire precautions include having a metal bucket containing sand available nearby.

  10. Store the removed battery in a safe place where it cannot be damaged. Do not dispose of the battery.

  11. Reassemble the device by replacing the circuit board back into the lower half of the enclosing, applying gentle pressure to the rear of the enclosure to allow the Molex connectors to sit in their respective cutouts.

  12. Using a #1 Philips screwdriver, reattach the circuit board to the lower enclosure using the four circuit board mounting screws removed in step 6.

  13. Reattach the cellular antenna to the circuit board by aligning the UFL connector to the connector on the circuit board and applying gentle and even vertical pressure. The connector will 'click' into place.

  14. Align and attach the upper half of the enclosure to the lower half using the four Torx head screws removed in step 3.

  15. Replace the silicone sleeves removed in step 1.