Occasionally after a firmware upgrade or a reset, a RockAIR may have a blue flashing LED, which indicates that the RockAIR is in a diagnostic self-test mode. 

While in this mode, the RockAIR will not send tracking messages and will appear to be unresponsive to button presses.

To exit self-test mode, reset the RockAIR by pressing and holding the green button until the RockAIR beeps and all six LED's flash (about 10 seconds). The RockAIR will then restart and operate normally.

Note: some early model RockAIRs are reset by holding all four buttons down. If you cannot reset your RockAIR using just the green button, try pressing and holding all four buttons down until it resets.

If you have difficulty resetting your RockAIR, please contact TracPlus Support for assistance.

On very rare occasions, a RockAIR will re-enter self-test mode after a reset. If this occurs, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the flexible silicon sleeve on the front of the RockAIR
  2. Eject the SD Card from the slot by the Green button by pressing gently in on the SD Card
  3. Connect the SD Card to a PC using an SD card reader
  4. Format the SD card using FAT32
  5. Download the two files at the bottom of this page (GRIFFEN1.bin and SELF.TST), and copy them onto the SD card.
  6. Reinsert the SD Card into the RockAIR
  7. Replace the flexible silicon sleeve

When you restart the device, the power and bluetooth LEDs should blink alternately indicating that the firmware is reinstalling. You may need to do the soft reset (holding the green button for 10 seconds)