Activating an Iridium Sim Card

Iridium SIM Cards can be used in any of the products which offer Iridium Voice (e.g. Iridium Extreme or Flightcell DZM). The process for activating an Iridium SIM Card follows three steps, ensure you follow the three steps in order to make sure you have activated the card correctly. Note: The list of DZM units which require an active Iridium Voice Contract can be found here (link coming soon).

If you need to deactivate an Iridium SIM follow this process in reverse order. It is important to let the customer know that deactivating the SIM is a non-reversible process. If they wish to reactivate after deactivating, there is a USD$250 charge (from Iridium), which the customer must pay. 

Step 1: Activate at SPNet

  • If not already in the notes for the device, request the SIM number from the customer.
  • Copy the SIM Number and navigate to SPNet and login using credentials found in 1 password.
  • Once logged in, click on ‘Telephony’ tab at the top of the screen.
  • Device Details
    • Paste the SIM Number into the ‘SIM (ICCID)’ field and wait for a green tick to appear beside the number. A new set of options will appear
    • Do not add anything in the IMEI, MSISDN, ISISDN-C or Provider Reference fields.
  • Plan Details
    • If the card is for use in Australia/NZ, change the service plan to 'Australia Regional Plan-Geo Restricted'
    • If the card is for use in the Rest of the world, change the service plan to 'Standard'
  • Enabled services
    • Leave all boxes as is in this section. 
    • Some US customers may like a Local Number, check with them if they require this before activating the card. A local number is an alias for the satellite number and is an additional USD$7.50 a month which the customer must pay.
  • Two-Stage Dialing
    • Change both ‘Voice’ and ‘Data’ to ‘DISABLED’.

Once the above has been completed, select ‘Activate Account’ at the bottom of the page. Leave the page which loads open as we will need the details from this for billing

Step 2: Add Iridium Contract to TP Billing

Once Activated, you will need to add the SIM to TracPlus Billing and assign it to the device. Please do the following:

  • Open TracPlus Billing and open the ‘Iridium’ Tab. Select ‘New’.
  • The fields should look as follows:
    • Contract ID: (Copied from SP Net, Contract ID)
    • IMSI: (Copied from SP Net, IMSI)
    • Sim Number: (Copied from SP Net, SIM (ICCID)) 
    • Description: "Contract Activation", add a ticket reference if you have one
    • Status: Activated
    • Effective Date (UTC): Click the calendar and select Today down the bottom
    • Service Plan: If an Australian card, TEL - AUS. If a Rest of World card, PLAN TEL – STD PLAN
    • Phone Number: (Copied from SP Net, MSISDN)
    • Invoice To: Select the customer in Question from the list
    • Asset: Select the Asset Name from the list (either the Iridium Extreme or DZM). If the asset is unassigned, select the TracPlus Serial for it.
    • If required, take note of the plus 1 number from SPNet, you will need to copy this into TracPlus Manager (Plus 1 numbers are for - usually - American customers who can't call the +88 international number)
  • Once this window has been filled out, press save.

Step 3: Assign Iridium Contract to Customer in TP Billing

  • Go to the TracPlus window of TP Billing and select the Voice tab.
  • Search for the SIM number and open the Contract which appears.
  • Ensure the fields are as follows:
    • Invoice To: The customer (same as Step 2)
    • Rate Card: If Australian SIM, "Australian Voice", If Global SIM, "Standard Voice"
    • Start Date: Click the calendar and select Today down the bottom
    • Comment Reason: "Activated Sim as per *insert person you’ve been dealing with*" If you have a ticket reference, add it here.
  • Press save once filled out.

Once the above has been done, open the device in TP manager and add the Satellite Number to the ‘Satellite Number’ field, You will need to format in the +88 (**) **** **** format as it will not save otherwise.

NOTE: Ensure Iridium Voice is added to the list of services in the device tab

Add a note in the device with both the Satellite Number and the Plus 1 number if applicable. Ensure that the contract ID is also in the notes. If Plus 1 number is used be sure to tick the checkbox under the Billing tab.

Send confirmation of Satellite and Plus 1 number to the client and confirm the SIM card is activated for use.

Deactivating an Iridium SIM Card

This process is essentially the same in reverse, as mentioned at the top of this article, deactivating an Iridium SIM Card is an irreversible process so we must be certain that the customer does not want to reactivate the card or they will have to forfeit the $250 that are required as the reactivation fee. It is important when deactivating to have good notes and check at the end of the process that the deactivation has all been completed.

Step 1: Removing Billing in TP Billing

  • Once you find the contract ID, the SIM number or the satellite number from TP Manager, open TP Billing > TracPlus > Voice and search for the contract
  • Open the Contract and In Editing Type on the right hand side, change the radio button to "Stop billing as of" and ensure the date is today. If the customer has specifically requested the deactivation to occur as of the first of the current month, change the date to the first. 
  • Add a detailed note as to what you are doing, if possible include a ticket reference so we can corroborate the information at a later date.
  • Press Save in the top left corner

Step 2: Deactivate the Iridium Contact in TP Billing

  • Search either the contract ID, SIM Number or satellite number in TP Billing > Iridium.
  • Open the relevant contract. If multiple contracts appear in the search, the one with "a" in status is the relevant one
  • Change Status to Deactivated and press save
  • Check in TP Manager that the asset no longer has an open billing line for this Iridium Contract in the billing tab of the asset

Step 3: Deactivate the card in SPNet

  • Copy the SIM Number and navigate to SPNet and login using credentials found in 1 password.
  • Search for the SIM Number in the search box on the right
  • In the Search Results, change the Action dropdown box to show "Deactivate" you will be asked to confirm the deactivation of the card. Press confirm the deactivation.
  • Done!