My TracPlus

My TracPlus is a powerful online administration tool for self management of your TracPlus account.

You can use My TracPlus to manage or change your account details, contact people, tracked assets and devices. It offers tools for producing flight reports for airborne assets, managing your flight following service TracWatch, pay your invoice, manage your sharing to other TracPlus users and more.

My Details

My Details

In My Details you can see the details related to your organisation and the assets you have. Each item listed allows you to view and update information.

To update either the Contact or Billing details click on the “Change” link on the right hand side of each box.

You will be able to update the details that are in each Text Box. Once you have updated the details, click on the “Save” button for the updates to take effect. Clicking on the “Back” link will take you back a page and any altered data will not be saved.

My Contacts

The My Contacts page allows you to review your contacts, their details, and who the default contacts are within your organisation.

Click on the “Add New Contact” button to add a new contact’s details into your list. You can update a current contact’s details by clicking on their name and then either “Edit Contact,” or “Delete Contact” to remove them from the list.

You will not be able to delete a contact that is currently assigned as an ICE contact for any of your assets.

Default Contacts

Here you can set your default ICE contact people. These will be used if any asset you have does not have the minimum 2. 

My Assets

My Assets

My Assets page is a list all your assets with the relevant details.

To see further details and to edit these, left click on an asset name and a new page will open with additional data for just that asset.

Click the 'Edit Asset' button on the bottom right hand side of the asset window to make changes to the name, description, emergency behaviour or icon for your asset. Click on the “Update” button at the bottom right to save any changes.

If no details are changed or you do not wish to save the changes click on the link “Back to Asset Details” on the bottom left to return to the previous page and any changes made will be lost.

Edit Assets

At the bottom of the page with the individual assets detail is the Automated Monitoring Service. It is important to note that this service is only available if the GPS tracking device supports it.

Once you have made your selection click on the “Subscribe” button on the bottom right of the screen. Clicking on the “Back” button will return to the previous page without saving any changes or subscribing the asset.

The “Back to My Assets” at the bottom left will take you back to the "My Assets" page.

ICE Contacts

ICE (In Case of Emergency) Contacts

This page lists the ICE and ICE SMS contacts for each of your assets. The order of each list is the order in which the people will be contacted by TracPlus staff, should the distress function be activated.

Each list can be individually edited or the list can be copied from another asset. The list of available contacts is taken from the contacts that have either been set by TracPlus support staff or by what has been entered under My Contacts. You can drag and drop a name from the available list on the right to the current list on the left.

You can only see the list of contacts that are associated with your organisation.

Asset Sharing

Sharing Assets

Select the asset you wish to share. Next, select the friends who you want to be able to see this asset. Tick the “Permissions" tick boxes that you want your friends to have for this asset. Then click on “Apply Perm” to assign.

The second tab lists the assets that have been shared with you. If you click on one asset it will show the permissions that you have been allowed to have for this asset.

If you wish to share an asset with a friend who does not appear in the Friends list you will need their public key. If you have this, you can click on the “Add Friend” button and insert their public key to add them to the list.

You can also remove a person from your friend list or reverse their permissions on your asset if you want to. These buttons are greyed out until a friend is selected.

Pay My Invoice

Paying my Account

You can pay your account using either Visa or MasterCard. To pay on line you will need to have the invoice details.

You do not have to log into My TracPlus to pay your accounts. It is possible to do this from the TracPlus web site and select “Pay My Account” from the bottom right, which is available on all pages.

Flight Reporting

Some devices, such as DZMs, can send takeoff / landing, engine on / engine off messages. What this web page does is to display the time and location data; and may tell you the name of the physical location where it occurred,  for these events. This way, if a person is using one of the devices that supports these messages, it is possible to create flight and engine time reports from this data; for example, reporting that a flight occurred between 00:30 and 01:30 and went from Wellington International Airport to Auckland International Airport.

The list of devices that this currently works for are:

  • Flightcell DZM Devices
  • RockAIR
  • NAL 9602-A with MDT 860
  • NAL 9602-LP
  • NAL 9602-LP with MDT 860
  • NAL 9601-DGS-LP
  • NAL 9601-DGS-LP with MDT 860
  • Latitude S200

Flight Reporting

To do this, select “Flight Reporting” from the Menu.

Set the time period that you want the report generated for and click “Update” so that the relevant information is shown below. Either tick the “Select All” box on the upper right to select all components, or manually select the ones you want as you move down the page.

Once you have selected all the relevant data that you want; select how you want this information saved by clicking on one of the buttons.

“Print Selected” will print off a hard copy, but will not save a copy to your machine.

“Create CSV” generates a special text file with the information in that can then be imported into an MS Excel sheet. Not so easy to read but it is good for exporting to other programs such as MS Excel.

Change Password

Changing my Password

You are able to change your password when you believe that the current one may have been compromised in some way, or you simple wish to update it.

The web site also tests the strength of the new password and will report a rating based on certain factors. The stronger passwords use a combination of letters, capital letters, numbers and special cases such as @ or &. However your choice of password is up to you.

Pre-Set Messages

Pre-set Messages are “canned” messages that can be used by devices that support this functionality; this includes the Flightcell DZM, MDT 860, and Handheld devices.


It is possible to edit these messages by clicking on the “Change” link on the right hand side. This opens up a page with the current messages in editable text boxes. Once you have made the changes to the messages you wish to update, click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom right of the page.

Should you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact either the TracPlus support team on or call +64 (3) 477 8656.