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TracPlus for iPhone / iPad User Guide

Accessing TracPlus for iPhone / iPad 

The iOS apps; TracPlus for iPhone and TracPlus for iPad, are available on the App Store as free downloads. Please click the above links to download them.

On installation it will ask you for your TracPlus Usercode and Password, as well as the Connection URL. The URL is as follows: https://nexus.tracplus.com/services/clientrouting.asmx

How to Log In

When the application is first installed, the default User and Password is set to the TracPlus Public Usercode and password.

To view your own assets, tap the TracPlus icon on your home page then tap the settings icon on the right side of the top tool bar. Enter your Usercode and Password (These details are case sensitive).



Tap the Settings icon to either enter or close the settings menu.




Select or change the map that is viewed. There 3 map types; ‘Standard,’ ‘Hybrid’ and ‘Satellite.’

Units Displayed

This is how the tracking data will be displayed on both the map and within the details window. To go back to the settings menu when a unit is selected, tap ‘Settings' on the top left of each pop up.


Select and tick one of the following options; ‘Knots,’ ‘Kilometres,’ ‘Miles per Hour’ or ‘Metres per Second.’


Select and tick one of the following options; ‘Feet,’ ‘Metres,’ ‘Kilometres,’ ‘Miles’ or ‘Nautical Miles.’

Location Display

Select and tick one of the following position formats; ‘Degrees Decimal,’ ‘Degrees Minutes,’ ‘Signed Decimal’ or ‘Signed Degrees.'


Time is in either the ‘UTC’ or ‘Local Time format’ - local time is taken from your iPhone time settings.


From the drop down list it is possible to amend how the date details are shown for your tracking details.


Assets which appear in the watch list are arranged by organization and by recent activity if ‘On’ is selected. Assets will show by most recent activity only if ‘On’ is selected.

Your settings will stay applied the next time you open TracPlus for iPhone / iPad.



Tap the Calendar Icon to display the calendar.



Tap a specific date on the calendar to view tracking data for that date.

Below the calendar are two additional selections, selecting ‘Today Only’ shows reports for today only. Tap ‘All Recent Activity’ to show all of the recent reports for your assets, regardless of date.



Tap the 'Trails' icon to enter the trails set up.

You can then tap to either turn all trails ‘On’ or turn all trails ‘Off’. This will display or remove the track data trail from the map.



Tap on the ‘Auto-Centered’ icon on the top tool bar. There are two options shown. Tap on either the ‘Auto-Centered On’ or the ‘Auto-Centered Off’ to turn the centering function on or off.

If Auto-Centered is on and you are viewing the track data for an asset, then the map will automatically move to remain centered on this asset as new tracking reports arrive.



Map Area

The white horizontal bar below the map, with two up facing arrows, can be moved up or down to reveal or hide your asset details and ‘Watch list.’ If you want to only view the map, drag the bar to the bottom of your screen.

Tap to select the organisation name to open up the list of the assets for the organisation. Tap to select the name of the asset you wish to see on the map.

You can also tap on the small coloured circle to the right of the asset name to show the reports for that specific asset.

Additional Features - Asset Options

The options button on the bottom right toolbar will be enabled if you have an asset selected from the Watchlist and you have permission to change settings and send text messages. Or disabled and light grey in colour if an asset is not selected or you do not have these permissions.


When you have an asset selected, tap ‘Options.’


Asset Options

Asset Trail

Slide to ‘On’ or ‘Off’ to have the trail for your asset removed or visible for your asset.

Send Messages



Tap ‘Send Message’, then tap in the blank text box to enable your keypad. Type the message in the box and press ‘Send.’  TracPlus does not display the message sent to the device, it will only appear on that device. This is only available on text capable tracking devices.

Select ‘Options’ in the left corner of the box to return to the ‘Options Menu.’

Poll Device

Poll Request

Tap the ‘Request Position Report’ button and then tap the ‘Poll Button.’ This action will specifically poll the terminal for its current position regardless of its standard reporting rate. This is not available on all devices.

Select ‘Back’ to exit.

Change the reporting Rate


Device Settings

Tap ‘Change Device Settings.’ Then tap ‘Normal Reporting Rate,’ to set the standard reporting rate for when the asset is powered on/moving.

Tap ‘Slow Reporting Rate’ to set the reporting rate for while asset is stationary. This is not available on all devices.

Tap on ‘Distress Reporting Rate,’ which is for the emergency reporting rate when the device has been placed into distress mode. TracPlus recommends this is set to, or remains at, the configured 1 minute interval.


Report Rates

Scroll through the wheel to select or tap to select the rate required then tap ‘Configure.’


Tap back to exit.

To review what the current reporting rate is for your device, or to review if a change to the rate has taken effect – you will need to continue to monitor the reports from the unit, and then check the interval between reports.

Notes on Additional Features

  • Charges will apply for sending text messages or changing reporting rates.
  • There are maximum message size restrictions.
  • User must have adequate permissions to change settings and send text messages.
  • Device must be powered on with a good view of the sky at the time for any messages to be received.
  • Device must be powered on with a good view of the sky for reporting rate change requests to be received.
  • Additional features only available for specific device types.
  • Additional features only available to some TracPlus Usercodes.


TracPlus for iPhone / iPad utilises Apple Maps, to zoom in or out on the map, or to move the map, either pinch or swipe the map. You can also double tap the map to zoom in.

iPad Login with an Alternative Usercode

The TracPlus iPad App has a feature that disables the switching of Usercodes. To use another Usercode the ‘Reset Login’ setting will need to be enabled.


Open the settings of your iPad and find the TracPlus app which may be near the bottom of the list.

Reset Login Disabled

Tap the TracPlus App and you will see the settings including the ‘Reset Login.’

Reset Login Enabled

Tap ‘Reset Login’ to enable Usercode reset for TracPlus.

TracPlus Login

Open up TracPlus for iPad again, and TracPlus will now request your Usercode and Password. Please enter these, tap ‘Login’ and it will now log you in with the new credentials.

Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact the TracPlus support team on support@tracplus.com or call us on +64 (3) 477 8656.

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