The RockSTAR is a portable, battery powered GPS/Iridium tracking and messaging device. It will track the position of your assets, personnel, vehicles, aircraft and send and receive short messages from anywhere on Earth with a clear view of the sky. It transmits and receives data using the Iridium satellite network, and works far beyond the reach of standard WiFi and GSM networks. If you need to communicate reliably in an emergency, when other networks are not available, a RockSTAR can help you.

The RockSTAR is waterproof and ruggedised, with high quality antennas, battery and features plus a variety of mounting options to suit your needs.

The RockSTAR allows short messages (like SMS, forms and short emails) to be sent using a paired Bluetooth device (such as an iPhone) and the TP Connect App. This allows for full two-way communication wherever you are, even when out of mobile network range.

The Iridium satellite network provides a cost effective, and truly global, method of tracking and communicating with your assets and personnel wherever they may be.




The RockSTAR device is capable of sending both free form text messages and preset text messages to TracPlus software, other devices, email addresses and mobile numbers. The unit comes with some default preset messages, however it is possible to add your own specific preset messages. See the attached documents for how to do this. The PRESET.txt file is available to download and edit as you wish.

TP Connect

The  RockSTAR supports our iOS app TP Connect. This app is available for free from the AppStore. This app allows you to configure, change advanced features, send/receive text messages and forms from your iOS device using the RockSTARs satellite connection.

Please find the guide for TP Connect attached and we have a seperate article on it here.

You can download TP Connect here.


The  RockSTAR device purchased from TracPlus comes with a Multi-Country Charger which covers all of the main 4 types of international plug sockets.

Items that can be purchased separately from TracPlus are:

  • A MYGOFLIGHT 12/24v 2A USB/Cigarette Lighter adapter

  • A quick release bracket, with RAM suction mount for the RockSTAR

  • A soft pouch to enable attaching it to rucksacks or backpacks


The attached RockSTAR Manual is as prepared by the manufacturer, as such there is some information that is not relevant to TracPlus Customers.