We are in the process of a significant upgrade to all of our systems and the tracking app features will be combined with our TP Connect app, which is the tool we use to control and operate our RockAIR, RockSTAR and RockFLEET devices. This app can be used in conjunction with one of those units, or as a stand-alone tracker.

Since we are including this in our pipeline of new and improved technology, it has been removed from the app store. It is no longer available for use. Our servers will continue to support it, but it is an at your own risk.

TracPlus Tracker for iPhone is an app that turns your iPhone into a GPS tracker, and the tracking information can be displayed within the TracPlus software. Please note this app relies on your iPhone's cellular data connection. If the cellular data connection is turned off or you are outside of cellular coverage, then the phone will not be able to connect to our servers.

If you do not have an account with TracPlus please read the New Account and New Assets page for details. You will need to fill in the attached form, sign, and return to support@tracplus.com.

The following are the details you will need to get the app up and working on your iPhone and tracking in TracPlus Software.

Setting up the App on your iPhone


Before your iPhone can begin tracking you will need to enter the Connection URL, Usercode and Password into the App.

Connection URL: https://service.tracplus.com/iPhoneGateway/Gateway.asmx

TracPlus Usercode: 

TracPlus Password:

Find your Device ID: Your device ID is your Wifi address which is found on your iPhone by going to 'Settings->General->About.' TracPlus will need this information to identify the messages coming from your device.

You will also need to ensure “location services” are enabled on your iPhone. Please be aware that when tracking your phone will be working quite hard and you should monitor battery levels while testing.

Tracking Settings


You can set how often TracPlus Tracker will send a GPS position and if you want a different rate for when you are stationary to when you are moving. The Distress rate is the frequency of a distress message being sent.

TracPlus recommends a tracking rate of 2 to 5 minutes for flying assets, 5 to 15 minutes for moving vehicles and 5 to 30 minutes for a person walking.

The 'Unit' options are for how the GPS positions are displayed in the App.

Setting up your iPhone with TracPlus

Before you will see any tracking in the TracPlus software you will need to provide TracPlus with the following details, this will enable our support team to add your iPhone to the TracPlus database and servers.


Device ID (Wifi address)

Which TracPlus icon: Which Icon would you like to use; Ambulance, car, truck, helicopter, rocket or many more?

In Case Of Emergency (ICE) contacts: We need a minimum of two phone contacts; these are required just in case you activate distress on the device.

Once we have these details we can set you up in the system ready for tracking.

Please email this information to support@tracplus.com