You can send a plain text email to a TracPlus device out in the field using their satellite connection. This will work for any device that supports receiving text messages via Iridium SBD. The example below is using a RockFLEET and our Bluetooth app TP Connect.

A Device's Email Address

The email address for a device may be the name/registration followed by For example, helicopter ZK-ZZZ, the email address will be or for car34 the email address will be


You can find your devices address within My Assets on our management portal My TracPlus under 'Forwarding Email.' If the address has not been set yet, it can be entered by editing the Assets details. You do not have to use the asset's registration but a more meaningful name can be set if you desire.

Authorised Email Senders


Only those contacts with an email address listed on the My Contacts page in My TracPlus can email the device. To be able to email a device ensure your email address is listed in My TracPlus or speak with your account administrator for TracPlus to enter your email address.

To Send an Email

Open your Email Service

Open your email program or service. The example here is in Microsoft Outlook but any email program or service can be used for example Gmail, Hotmail etc. 

Enter the Address and Subject

Enter the email address of the device as described above. There can only be one recipient address for the email. If there is more than one or cc's and bcc's the email will be rejected. The email subject will be ignored.

Write the Email you want to Send

There is no limit on the size of the email that can be sent but the cost is US$0.08 per 30 bytes.


A long email will get broken up into smaller packets, with each part indicating '2 of 3' at the end.

There is a 20 kb max message size, this has been implemented to reduce the risk of a 'Denial of Service' attack.

On the 'Format Text' Tab Select the 'Aa Plain Text' Option


Only plain text emails can be sent. If the body of the email contains anything that is not plain text the email will be discarded. By default iOS and Android native email, apps send plain text emails.



Messages sent from your email account to the satellite device will not be displayed in any of the TracPlus tracking apps.

Any message or reply sent from a satellite device will be visible in all TracPlus tracking apps.

What Happens if my Email is Discarded?

If the email has been incorrectly formatted, a 'Failed Delivery' notification will be received. This may be for one of the following reasons:

  • More than 1 recipient email

  • Email isn’t plain text

  • Cannot find asset for email address

  • Sender isn’t a whitelisted email address for the owning user

Once the issue has been rectified you will be able to send the email again. After successfully sending the email a 'Sucess Notification' will be received.