The following terminology is used in the TracPlus Help documents. 

AssetsAssets are people, vehicles, vessels and aircraft that are equipped with devices which can transmit data and can then be viewed in TracPlus software. Each Asset will appear on the map as an appropriate icon.
CalendarThe panel below the Watchlist that allows you to select the date for which you want to show the asset's information on the map, in the details panel and timeline panels.
ClickWill be a left click on the mouse, unless it is a right click as stated.
DetailsAn optional panel on the left side of the map that shows the messages received from the selected asset for the selected date (normally the current date). The most recent message is at the top.
LayersA panel below the Watchlist that shows the optional types of information that you can display on the map. These includes options such as Place-names, Markers, Assets, Messages, Trails, Velocity Leaders, Paths, Search patterns and several other types of information.
Map/ChartThe permanent panel in the display that shows the part of the map or chart on which you are working. The specific map seen can be selected from a list of available maps at the top left of the map panel.
MarkersThe colored pins that you can place on the map at locations that are of interest or to mark positions.
Menu BarThe bar across the top of the TracPlus display which contains the File, Edit, View, Tools and Help menus.
MessagesThe data reports that are received from assets, depending the the devices tracking rate. These contain the date and time of the message with the assets's GPS coordinates, altitude, course and speed at that time. Each message is shown on the map by a colored circle with a white arrow indicating the direction of travel.
PathsThe colored lines that you can place on the map to define areas/boundaries or to retain multi-leg distances measurements.
Search PatternsThe colored grids that you can place on the map to plan and monitor searches. These include Range-Bearing-Lines, which you can use to estimate the position of a flare or asset.
Status BarThe bar right at the bottom of the display that shows the current time (in either UTC or local time), the coordinates of the cursor (when over the map) and the current connection status.
TimelineThe optional panel at the bottom of the map that shows a summary of the tracking messages from all assets for the selected date (normally the current date).
TrailsThe series of colored lines joining the messages for a select asset indicating the route taken.
WatchlistThe optional panel on the left side of the display that shows the names of all the assets along with all the markers, paths and search patterns which you have set up.


Based on a training document prepared by Coastguard New Zealand 2016.

Should you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact either the TracPlus support team on or call +64 (3) 477 8656.