The Context Camera App

*********************** This KB article is for reference as it is not currently supported**************************

Using this simple iOS app, TracPlus users can take photos and deliver them in real time to TracPlus.

Context Camera is a third-party iOS camera application that allows photos to be stamped with location and time information, and these photos can then be sent to TracPlus over a cellular network. Proven by Australian firefighting helicopter operators, Context Camera allows TracPlus users to share what they are looking at with other TracPlus users.

Context Camera and TracPlus

If you wish to start using Context Camera you will need to purchase the app from the App Store here.

Setting up Context Camera

Once you have installed the app, you will need to set it up to transmit photos to TracPlus.

You can also find a user guide for Context Camera on their website at


In the Context Camera app, tap the settings ‘Cog’ on the right hand side.

Set ‘Export Quality/Size’ to ‘Large.’

Quick Email

Tap ‘Quick Email Setup’ and add TracPlus as a recipient as shown above.

Next, to set up the Context Camera app for use with TracPlus you need to set which asset (aircraft / helicopter / vehicle / vessel) you are operating aboard.


To do this, tap the ‘Pen and Paper’ icon on the first page. You only need to edit line 1 of the ‘Comment 1’ field.

Asset naming

Enter the first 16 characters of the name of your TracPlus asset as the first line of ‘Comment 1’ field.  The first 16 characters of the name of the asset must match exactly as it appears in TracPlus.

The final step for enabling Context Camera to send pictures to TracPlus is to send an email to asking for the email address to be added as an authorized observer contact.

Currently, photos are visible in TracPlus Pro 3 on Windows. Support for other TracPlus client applications (TracPlus for iOS, Android and TracPlus Web) will be progressively made available.

Taking a photo

Take a photo using the Context Camera app.

Tap the ‘Image Thumbnail’ in the bottom left hand corner of the Context Camera screen to see all of the photos you have taken with Context Camera.

Tap on the ‘Select’ button.

Image Selecting

Next tap on one or more of the photos you wish to send.


Tap the ‘Export’ button in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

Swipe to the right of the selection list to find the ‘Quick Email TracPlus’ option.


This will create a new email message. Tap on this button to send.

Icon Re positioning

It is possible to reorder the sharing selection items by pressing and holding on an icon in the list and then dragging it to the left or right for the new preferred position. The new list order can go from the left image to the right image.

The app will ask if you want to send separate images or single zip file. You must choose separate images.


When about to send the image iOS may ask for a subject and image size. You can continue to send without the subject comment.

Image Size

Next is the confirmation of the image size. Tap on ‘Actual Size’ to keep the size of the picture that was taken.

Once your images have been transmitted they will be displayed within TracPlus Pro 3 exactly as shown below.

Image in TracPlus

Hover over the message icon to get a pop up with a picture thumbnail.

In the details column you can hover over the image icon message to also get the thumbnail popup.

Image in TracPlus

Right click the message to open its properties to view the full image.


  • Photos will only be transmitted while in cellular data coverage.
  • If sent while outside of cellular coverage they will wait and be sent when coverage is regained.
  • You do not have to send the pictures at the time of taking them. They can be sent later.
  • We recommend you keep your photos on the iOS device as a backup until confirmed.
  • Every TracPlus user that has visibility of your asset and the ‘view media’ permission will have access to view your pictures.

Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact either the TracPlus support team on or call +64 (3) 477 8656